’s Fresher ranks us among the 20 protagonists of branded Greek fruits

The second consecutive year that Fresher tackles the systematic gleaning of brands adorning retail shelves confirms that domestic fruit and vegetable production is turning more and more decisively towards branding. Several of the industry’s protagonists in this field will point out that the effort is a laborious process that structurally brings production to its limits, guarantees the improvement of quality and the achievement of better prices for the producer. Onions in the net from a farming unit in Thebes, mountain strawberries from Ilia, branded apples from Tripoli, apricots with a fiery color from Naoussa and blueberries from Parnonas, form the tip of individual efforts on which this year’s edition focuses. Next to them, established efforts such as Freskoulis or the tomato bunch from Petroussa of Drama confirm the high level of expertise.

From the region of Tegea PDO Delicious Pilafa Apples from the Kyriakouli Estate

A rare Greek variety of apples, Delicious Pilafa, named after the creator of the variety Ilias Pilafas with a very interesting history, are grown in the Tegea region of Arcadia at an altitude of over 600 m. They stand out for their special slightly acidic taste, rich banana-like aroma and high nutritional value. They are one of the products marketed by the TeGaia Estate Kyriakoulis company, which is based and operates close to the ancient city of Tegea, at an altitude of 650 meters. It is a family-owned business that deals with the cultivation, production, storage, standardization and packaging of standard agricultural products and whose involvement in agriculture goes back to the late 1890s.


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