Country-style french fries

Recipe ingredients

  1. 4 TeGaia potatoes
  2. 15gr salt for cooking
  3. seed oil for frying
  4. 1 sprig of fresh thyme
  5. 1 sprig of fresh oregano
  6. 1 clove of garlic
  7. salt for serving


Wash the potatoes very well, to remove the soil. Peel them and cut them into 1 cm cubes. Put the chopped potatoes in a pot of cold water and add a little salt to extract the starch. Place the pot with the potatoes on high heat for 15 minutes. Transfer the boiled potatoes with a skimmer to a bowl after straining them. We shake the bowl to break their corners. Transfer the potatoes to a pan and cover them with seed oil. Place the pan on high heat and when 5 minutes have passed from the moment the oil starts to boil, add the fresh herbs and garlic. After 15 minutes, stir carefully, taking care not to break them. After 20 minutes of frying, the potatoes are ready. In a bowl with kitchen paper, transfer the potatoes to get rid of excess oil, salt and serve while hot.

Bon appetite!

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