Extra Information you didn’t know about the potato

  • The potato became a household product between 8000-5000 BC in the territories between southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia.
  • In Greece, the potato arrived in an episodic manner, following the initiative of the then governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias.
  • Its name comes from Spain “PATATA”.
  • It does not contain fat and has half the calories from rice and pasta.
  • The largest recorded potato was found in Colorado in 1985, weighed 49kg, was 70cm long and 37cm wide.
  • Its quality varies depending on the growing seasons, after all it is a natural product.
  • Potatoes turn green after exposure to light. Caution: the green spot contains a high content of salanin, which has a bitter taste and is dangerous to health when consumed in large quantities.
  • 80% of the potato consists of water. It also contains minerals, fiber and vitamins such as that of the B complex and high levels of vitamin C.
  • For people who need to follow a gluten-free diet and therefore can not eat common foods, including bread, pasta and most cereals, potatoes are the ideal solution.

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