Healthy French Fries?

It can be done, as long as it is done in the right way…


French fries are one of the most delicious and popular foods. Many times, they are the easy solution to the eternal question of every housewife: “What should I cook today?!”.

However, housewives and many catering companies avoid the choice of fresh potatoes, due to the time-consuming process and their unstable quality.

The solution to that is in the right way of frying.

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Olive oil in the pan

First, let’s clarify something: we only fry with olive oil! It is the best kind of oil for frying, as it is the only one that does not lose its nutritional value, even at high temperatures. So, preheat the oil, without letting it burn naturally.

Drain the potatoes very well before frying, which will help the oil not to be destroyed quickly, while the potatoes will not absorb a large amount of oil.

Fry at 140 °C for at least 5′, until the potato is soft inside. Then let it return to room temperature.

Then fry at 175 °C for another 2′.

By the end of that, the potato acquires a crispy crust on the outside, while it is already well cooked inside.

The potatoes that have been pre-fried at 140 °C, as we said above, in case we do not need them immediately, can be kept in the fridge and be used the next day, by frying  them at 175 degrees.

The most important thing in the whole process is the oil, which should be replaced after each frying.

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